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Debbie's Blog

Bono pays for dinner and Springsteen snaps the picture!


Was looking for some news about U2 and found this story--amazing, right?!

A girl was in a restaurant in Dublin a few weeks ago with her friend, they were seated and about to order when the manager came over and asked them if they wouldn't mind moving as Bono was on his way in and that was his usual table. He said he would tell Bono that they moved for him. They didn't mind at all, moved, and a while later, in came Bono and a few other guys. Shortly after, a waiter brought the girls over a drink from Bono as a Thank You for giving him the table.

After a while, (and after a few drinks) the girls got the courage to go over and ask for an autograph and a photo. Bono obliged and the girls gave their camera to one of the other men at the table to take a photo, which he did.

They were happy and went back to their table and Bono and gang left before they did. When they were leaving, they went to pay for their meal but it had already been paid for. They said to the waiter that that was very generous of Bono to pay for their meal and he said it wasn't Bono.......the man they had gotten to take the photo was Bruce Springsteen, but the girls had no idea, and he paid for the meal!

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