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Here is your College Funding "Tip of the Week".


Efficient note taking while doing homework is one of the most important study skills you need to succeed in school. These studying tips will help you get more out of lectures and class handouts, help you study more efficiently at home, and prepare for tests.

Here's how to get started:


  • Pick one new note-taking strategy to try when doing homework. The following list contains some proven strategies, but don't try all of them at once. Pick one to try this week, then add new tips as you incorporate the previous ones into your study routine.
    • Make up symbols and abbreviations. This can be fun, plus you'll save time when you use your own shorthand system for taking notes.
    • Review your notes. Students who review their notes the same day they take them--even for just five minutes--remember more than students who don't look at their class notes until they're studying for a test.
    • Keep track of dates. Put the date on every page. If your binder pops open and your notes spill out, the dates will help you get the pages back in order. Dates can also help you remember exactly when you learned something.

Review the tips listed. Are you already using any of the tips? How well do they work for you? Are there any strategies listed that you think would work better than what you are doing now?

Tip: Review your notes even if there isn't a test that week. By reviewing often, you will feel better prepared when a test is scheduled.

Until next week...

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