Frequently Asked Questions part 8

What are the deadlines for applying?
The FAFSA is the federal application for financial aid, but it is also used for apply for aid from other sources, such as your state or school. TIP: The deadline for your state or schools may be different from federal deadlines and you may be required to complete additional forms
Pay close attention to deadlines! Ask your school about their definition of an application deadline- whether it is the receipt date and time or the process date and time of the application.
  • Federal student aid deadlines: You should apply as early as possible. Submitting your FAFSA is only the first step in applying for federal student aid.
  • State Student aid deadlines: State deadlines may be earlier than the federal deadlines. Your state may also require an additional form.
  • School aid deadlines: Schools may have their own deadlines and applications for awarding student aid. Checking with your school's financial aid office for information.

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