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Here's a fun video for a cold Friday Morning!

Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk "Oldtown Cover" ft. Alex Boye', & The Dancing Grannies! FYI Alex Boye' is wearing make up to look older! Read more...

Try using this as an excuse for being late for work!

Llamas on the loose run through the streets. Bystanders managed to lasso the pair of animals after a prolonged chase through the streets of Sun City, AZ. Read more...

You have to see this!

This is pretty amazing!

We're not the only ones that don't like all this cold weather!

We're pretty sure this what Debbie's cat is doing while she's on the air! Read more...

Why moms get nothing done!

Moms will find this video cute and funny, dads will understand why moms are tired at the end of the day! Read more...

A Supermarket For Men

A funny look at what a supermarket for men would be like. FYI, it's really a beer commercial. Read more...

Will Smith Wows David Letterman's Late Show Audience -

Paul and the The Late Show break into Smith's "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" as Dave intros Will Smith. The Fresh Prince hits the stage and decides to treat the audience with a live performance of his 1998 hit. Read more...

Jimmy Fallon and Taylor Swift Jumbotron Dancing

Watch for them at the next sporting event in the NYC area! Read more...

Here's a TBT Video for this cold winter day!

We found this video, which reminds us what's coming in the next 10 weeks! Read more...

It's All About The Coffee!

We here at Magic love our coffee...now if we can only talk the boss into getting us one of these! Can you say Venti Mocha Frappuccino? Read more...