Contribution to the Community Award: Willa Edgerton-Chisler

Women in Business: Contribution to the Community Award

Winner: Willa Edgerton-Chisler

Nominator: Dr. Joy Ohayia

As an advocate of the community where she lives and does business, Willa has been recognized for her passion and commitment to serve and “pay it forward,” from organizations such as AIDS Resource Foundation for Children, UNICEF, Safe House domestic violence center, W. Brown Academy Elementary School, Dress For Success, Make A Wish, The United Way, and The Community Food Bank.  She was also recently appointed by “Dress For Success Morris County” to lead their “Going Places Network” career transition program to help unemployed and under served career women. 

She shares her knowledge and wears many hats such as coach, consultant, and mentor, and is an advocate for empowerment.  Willa is a constant source of information and inspiration for others, and has created a free career transition program called “Power In The Pink Slip” that helps New Jersey citizens who have been displaced or downsized, and she provides coaching and mentoring to them, free of charge, every other weekend.  Her positive outlook helps others see their potential as she guides the way to personal and professional empowerment. 

Willa is a champion and advocate, and her impact continues as a legacy among New Jersey women business owners.   For all these reasons and many more, she's now the winner of the “Women In Business: Contribution To The Community Award.”