Rising Star Award; Katharine Koehler

WOMEN IN BUSINESS:  Rising Star Award

Winner: Katharine Koehler

Nominator: Ellen Deluccia

Katharine Koehler is the executive director of “Room in our Hearts,” an organization that was formed in March to help victims of Hurricane Sandy by create one room in their home where they can find peace and comfort, while rebuilding the rest of their house.  

Katharine's been told “You have a way with junk,” and indeed she does!  She's constantly redesigning existing furniture and household items that are carelessly thrown out, and “Recycling,” “reusing” and “re-purposing” are words she lives by!  Between her degree in Visual Communications and her experience in graphic design, advertising, and marketing, she is well suited for her role at “Room In Our Hearts.”  Katharine has a strong desire to “give back” which has fueled her creative spirit to design spaces that make people feel hopeful and at peace.

 With no pre-established path to follow, she created day-to-day plans to successfully grow this charity, and in under a year, this organization has already helped 12 families, with over 25 on a waiting list!  In order to accomplish this, Katharine sparks creativity in her volunteers, and it's apparent in the testimonials from the families that have been helped.

Katharine is an inspiration to all who work with her,  and all she is working for, and this is why she's receiving the “Women in Business Rising Star Award!”