Mentor of the Year: Marcela Zuchovicki

WOMEN IN BUSINESS:  Mentor of the Year

Winner:  Marcela Zuchovicki

Nominator:  Jasmine Cordero


Marcela Zuchovicki is a first generation Immigrant who is passionate about helping others. Before coming to the US, she volunteered her time teaching math and literacy.  With the support of UNICEF, she got involved with water filtration programs in remote areas of Mexico. In the 80's, Marce helped with the Chaves Farmers campaign out of Cleveland, and raised money for a special music project to help “Mixe” Indians secure 500 musical instruments and also secured the funding to get them to the United States! 

While living in Europe in the early 90s she owned an artist management consulting firm and organized soloist engagements and chamber music festivals for over 150 musicians from the former Soviet Union, Mexico and USA. 

Marcela was involved with AFS for 20 years, and then, after that, she started a mission driven coffee company called Jalima Coffee, LLC.  She started this business to provide funds to farmers in Mexico.  Her coffee was sold in more than 500 establishments in the USA and since she began, her business has grown 300%.  She also works as a volunteer for The Division of Aging and Disabilities in NJ by providing pro bono work as a Money Manager for senior citizens.


Marcela is not afraid to step up, help out in the community and share her knowledge.  This is why she's receiving the “Women in Business Mentor of the year award!”