Contribution to the Community Award: Dawn Giakas

Women in Business: Contribution to the Community Award

Winner:  Dawn Giakas

Nominator:  Glenn Slavin


For 20 years, Dawn Giakas has been a licensed nursing home administrator in charge of JFK Hartwyck at Oaktree, a licensed long term care and rehabilitation facility specializing in brain injury rehab, along with ventilator, long term, short term, sub acute and residential care.   As the facility administrator, Dawn handles all day-to-day operations including maintaining a $17 million budget, and also engages in marketing, fund raising, along with organizing blood pressure screenings and support groups that are offered, free of charge, for the greater Edison community.


Dawn's facility serves as a clinical site for nursing students, and she's personally responsible for mentoring future nursing home administrators, and despite these difficult economic times, Hartwyck at Oaktree hasn't experienced any layoffs.  Approximately 7 years ago, Dawn became a Fellow of the Advisory Board Company in Washington D.C, a program JFK Medical Center hand selected her for.

Dawn has spent many nights at JFK during blizzards and declared states of emergency such as “Sandy.”  During the Hurricane, she arranged for round the clock shifts, emergency contingency plans, backup generators and outside portable water.  Dawn coordinated with local, state and federal emergency support agencies to keep the entire "mini hospital" operational for the community it serves, and no one was in danger because Dawn had a plan in place for any problem that was presented. 

Dawn Giakas has provided two decades of amazing service to JFK Medical Center and to the community it serves, and this is why she's is now the winner of the “Women In Business: Contribution To The Community Award.”