Contribution to the Community Award: Marcie Fiorentino

Women in Business: Contribution to the Community Award

Winner: Marcie Fiorentino

Nominator: Sharon Spa

Marcie Fiorentino has been the Principal/Executive Director of The Center School for the past 7 years. The school is a non-profit for students with learning and emotional challenges serving families across the state.  Throughout her career, Marcie has encouraged young men and women in her roles as Teacher, Principal and Director.                                                                                                                                     

Marcie revised the school mission statement to “Teaching to Strengths, Centering on needs, Empowering our students.”  She shows strong, impressive leadership, working closely with the staff to come up with innovative ideas to keep the school fresh and up to date with current technology and trends, and she's been quite successful in forming a foundation for funding and streamlining budgets, returning $180,000 in tax dollars to school districts while offering additional student programming and learning tools. She was able to grow her programs while reducing the budget by over 1.1 million dollars. 

She organizes fundraisers throughout the year, and was instrumental in forming a retail store at the school called “Front & Center” that sells new and pre owned items.  Marcie is currently pursuing a building in Somerset that will become the new home for The Center School, and will oversee all the renovations to get the building ready for next year. The school will have much larger classrooms and a day care center. 

Marcie's vision is to create a successful growing school where opportunities are endless has come to fruition, and this is why she's now the recipient of the “Women in Business, Contribution to the Community Award!”