Women in the Workplace Award: Elizabeth Coury

Women in Business: Women in the Workplace Award

Winner:  Elizabeth Coury

Nominator:  Vic Tartara


Elizabeth (Liz) Coury is Vice President of Operations for CSS Building Services Inc, located in Dayton.   Before we tell about Liz, let us tell about CSS:  The company was established in 1976, and is one of the top 50 Women owned and operated companies in North America, an award given out by by American Express and the “Woman's Business Enterprise National Council.”  CSS is deeply rooted in diversity and Inclusion, and is launching a major project to focus on working with minority owned businesses, along with a supplier diversity program.


In her role as VP of Operations, Liz has been very instrumental in putting methods in place for work sites to run at a higher rate of efficiency and production, and has also implemented training and mentoring programs.  Liz came to CSS in 2000 as an Account Manager, managing new business, from budgets to quality control. In 2001, she began working closely with the president to make CSS a leading woman owned and operated building services company.


Her strategy is simple:  she feels the employees are the company's most important asset and that gives CSS a competitive advantage. In addition to on-the-job experience, she provides a wealth of technical, functional, and leadership training.  She is  the “Go To Person” for everything from Business Development, Supplier Negotiations, and Training.  


Liz thrives on making a positive and meaningful impact in society and the workplace, and CSS is committed to putting women first.   This is why Liz and CSS is receiving the “Women in Business, Women in the Workplace Award”